Today, Timbercreek, one of Canada’s largest multi-residential property managers, celebrates its one year anniversary as a member of Lexop. 

With over 19,000 doors across Canada, Timbercreek Communities, the in-house property management division of Timbercreek Asset Management, has opted to digitize the way it delivers notices to its tenants.

For any property manager that has 10+ units, delivering notices (lease renewals, rent increases, lease amendments, tax documents, repossessions, etc.) is a hassle, and often involves in-person or mail delivery.

Now imagine the magnitude of the task when you have thousands of doors!

Lexop’s real estate platform is solving these pain points by allowing property managers to :

  • Send. Deliver notices to their tenants using email and eliminate door-to-door in-person delivery. Infinitely faster than traditional methods.
  • Track. Visualize in real-time the status of their transmissions and manage all communications with their tenants for their properties.
  • Prove. Get undeniable proof of delivery instantly with no acknowledgment required from their tenants.

If you think Lexop can help you improve the way you communicate with your tenants
, please don’t hesitate to try it for free or talk with someone now.


About Timbercreek

Founded in 1999, Timbercreek, together with its affiliates, is an active investor, owner and manager of global real estate and related assets focused on delivering sustainable and growing returns to our investors. We maximize value by employing a value-oriented investment philosophy combined with an active, hands-on asset management platform, to identify opportunities that will generate predictable and sustainable long-term cash flow. We have earned a reputation for providing conservatively managed, risk-averse investment opportunities for both retail and institutional investors. For additional information, please visit our website at


Lexop is the first A/R collection software focused on empowering consumers to self-cure. We help collection teams automate customer outreach, offer a positive payment experience, and improve collection rates. For additional information, please visit

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