We are very proud to announce that Robic, S.E.N.C.R.L., one of the most prestigious IP law firms in Canada, has adopted Lexop’s document exchange platform.

What initially started as a pilot project has now evolved into an innovation partnership. Yes, an innovation partnership. We try to avoid at all costs the typical vendor-client relationship.

That’s not our purpose. In fact, our mission is to power legal communication by innovating with our clients in the legal services industry.

Lexop is a logical fit for Robic, a law firm known for supporting and encouraging innovation.

Here are the 4 main features which Robic now offers its lawyers and support staff:

  • Electronic service of documents: No longer need to use fax machines, process servers, registered mail, or couriers. Lexop’s Certified Email ™ feature allows you to serve legal documents via email while providing real-time tracking, and proof of delivery.
  • Large file transfers: Share large files securely to and from anyone without worrying about size restrictions.
  • Ask for Consent: Ask a recipient to consent to any request, demand, or contract.
  • Doc Collect: Easily collect document of any type and size without forcing your recipients to go through complex portals.


About Robic

Founded in Montreal in 1892, ROBIC is internationally renowned and has earned a reputation for excellence in intellectual property in Canada. Our firm has offices in Montreal and Quebec City, and includes a team of over 180 support staff and highly qualified professionals specializing in intellectual property and business law. Nationally, ROBIC is ranked fifth largest trademark agent by volume of applications filed and has earned an undeniable reputation for the quality and number of patents filed annually in Canada. Our experienced litigation lawyers, some of whom are recognized by their peers as being the best intellectual property litigators in the country, represent our clients in all courts, including the Federal Court of Canada, provincial courts in Quebec, the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as specialized administrative tribunals. For additional information, please visit robic.ca.


Lexop is the first A/R collection software focused on empowering consumers to self-cure. We help collection teams automate customer outreach, offer a positive payment experience, and improve collection rates. For additional information, please visit lexop.com.

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