It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the launch of Pronotif in partnership with CORPIQ. Pronotif is a by-product of Lexop specifically designed for our members working in the real estate market.

Moreover, Pronotif becomes a service offered by CORPIQ, and this, at a favorable price for their 25 000 members. By this very fact, more than 500,000 doors can potentially be notified through Pronotif.

Pronotif is an online application that allows real estate owners, managers, and brokers to send official notices via email in an extremely simple and legally valid manner.

Pronotif makes it possible to do instantly and at a fraction of the price, what was formerly done by registered mail (post office) or by bailiff or even in-person.

Do not hesitate to sign up for your free trial here.

We leave you with short video on Pronotif (in french only):


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