Last week in New Orleans, amongst the festive sounds of a marching band, the Clio Cloud Conference took off.

Hundreds of lawyers, bloggers, technologists, and innovators came together to celebrate what was accomplished over the past 9 years since its launch.

Back in October 2008, Jack Newton and Rian Gauvreau cofounded Clio. It was the first cloud-based legal practice management platform software in the world. Fast-forward to today, the platform is now used by over 150,000 lawyers from all over the world.

That’s why the entire team at Lexop was super excited when the Lexop-Clio integration partnership was announced at Clio Con.

“It’s a perfectly logical fit for a lawyer to have Clio and Lexop working together. Clio handles all the matter and document management, while Lexop takes care of all the transmissions, tracking, and delivery compliance.”

Lawyers still use fax, process servers, registered mail, and couriers to serve legal documents or to exchange important content.

That’s because for them proof matters. They need peace of mind that their documents were delivered. That’s where Lexop comes in!

It’s a game-changing all-in-one document exchange platform that provides proof of delivery, tracks interactions in real-time, and ensures compliance with all rules of civil procedure across North-America. Law firms can now digitize their entire workflow and offer a world-class customer experience.

This partnership allows Clio members to easily sign up to Lexop using their Clio account, and fetch content from their existing matters.

  • Automatically fill matter information;
  • Select documents and serve them directly via Lexop as if it were a process server, courier or bailiff (legally valid electronic service of process/documents);
  • Transfer large files securely without clogging your inbox or your recipient’s;
  • Track in real-time all documents that have been sent.

And we’re just getting started…

Ask for a demo today, and discover Lexop!


About Clio

Clio is a practice management platform that helps lawyers work more efficiently by making it easy to do tasks like tracking time, managing matters, and generating invoices.

We’re transforming how law firms are run. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with clients—using the most powerful, easy-to-use legal practice management software. For more information, please visit


Lexop is the first A/R collection software focused on empowering consumers to self-cure. We help collection teams automate customer outreach, offer a positive payment experience, and improve collection rates. For additional information, please visit

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