Fasken is one of the world’s most recognized firms and is known for its stellar legal minds and its ongoing commitment to innovation and legal technology.

Today, we are very proud to announce that after a successful pilot project, Fasken has officially embedded Lexop’s technology in its workflow.

The firm has deployed Lexop in order to increase efficiency in the way it exchanges legal documents.

Certified Email ™ will allow them to serve notices and documents using a very familiar tool: email.

With real-time tracking and legal proof of delivery, Fasken can now accomplish in seconds what could take at times hours – even days.


Fasken Ben Di Marco

We are extremely pleased to have partnered with Lexop for the delivery of our certified emails and sensitive documents. The implementation process was quick and easy, the interface is very user friendly and Lexop was able to successfully complement their product, to our internal workflow, without any discontinuities or issues.

– Ben Di Marco, Fasken’s Chief Technology Officer.


For decades, serving documents has been done through paper-based methods such as process server, fax, or courier.

In fact, until recently, the latter were the only court-admissible options available for lawyers.

However, with the advent of new communication tools and the shift of laws and regulations towards digital solutions, service by email is now accepted by most States and Provinces in North America – provided that a proof of service is submitted.

To that end, Certified Email ™ is the perfect electronic alternative because it combines the simplicity of email with a technology that offers a legal, instant, and reliable proof of delivery.


Amir Tajkarimi Lexop

We are thrilled to become an innovation partner with a global legal reference such as Fasken. Their appetite for technology is remarkable and despite their impressive size, they were very agile in the way they conducted their due diligence during the pilot project. We are very pleased that they will use our software to improve the way they communicate legal documents. It’s a testament to their visionary affinity towards legaltech and to Lexop’s unique value proposition.

– Amir Tajkarimi, CEO and co-founder of Lexop

Fasken lawyers and supporting staff now have access to electronic communication tools in one platform:

  • Certified Email ™: Serve legal documents, with real-time tracking and proof of delivery. No longer deal with process servers, fax machines or couriers.
  • Large file transfer: Share large files securely with anyone without worrying about size restrictions.
  • Consent request: Ask a recipient to consent to any request, demand, or contract.
  • Document collect: Easily collect documents of any type and size without forcing recipients to go through portals.


About Fasken

Fasken is a leading international law firm with more than 700 lawyers and ten offices on four continents. Clients rely on us for practical, innovative and cost-effective legal services. We solve the most complex business and litigation challenges, providing exceptional value and putting clients at the center of all we do. For additional information, please visit our website at fasken.com.


Lexop is the first A/R collection software focused on empowering consumers to self-cure. We help collection teams automate customer outreach, offer a positive payment experience, and improve collection rates. For additional information, please visit lexop.com.

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