At Lexop, we believe that a good delivery platform should focus on speed and communication safeguards. It should also protect against legal and regulatory failures while remaining highly accessible (at anytime, from anywhere).

Our Certified Email ™ solution was conceived with lawyers and other professionals like you in mind.

We understand that when selecting a service such as ours, the most important criteria is its ability to provide legally valid proof of compliance.

It certainly makes the choice easier when it also significantly reduces overhead costs, as well as protects the environment by eliminating paper waste.

What is Lexop’s Certified Email ™?proof report

Lexop’s Certified Email ™ is the answer to the inherent limitations of traditional paper delivery.

It’s a simple and inexpensive all-in-one messaging solution with stronger security measures in place when compared to regular email, legally verifiable proof of delivery, document integrity protection and real-time recipient interaction tracking.

How does it work?

Delivering important and time-sensitive documents should be simple:

  • Create, send and track your correspondences in a few short clicks;
  • No middleman;
  • No delivery area limitations;
  • No file size restrictions;
  • And no Lexop account required for your recipients.

Send Certified Email ™ to multiple recipients in one single operation with our built-in intuitive email editor personalizing each outgoing message to its respective addressee.

Track your emails and receive customizable alerts when your recipient’s interact with them.

You will be able to visualize the status of your certified email in real time, knowing exactly when they’re received, opened and their content downloaded.

Document Exchange

Quickly locate your documents in an organized outbox with ready to print proof of delivery reports.

In today’s global economy, businesses require immediate and uninterrupted access to their documents; Lexop is available at anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

Why Lexop’s Certified Email ™?

Because time matters. Never miss a deadline or wait for an affidavit of service when your process server is late or when certain parties develop process server avoidance skills.

Send a Certified Email ™ and access its proof of delivery report in a matter of seconds. You‘ll reduce overhead such as photocopying, assembling, filing and organizing paperwork, and focus on billable assignments that actually bring value to the services you provide to your customers.

Because money matters. Paper delivery implies physically getting that notice from your office computer into the hands of your opposing counsel –paper, printing, postage, labor, and service fees.

Comparatively, Certified Email ™ suffers from none of those drawbacks. Sending any document costs a flat rate of $7.50 per recipient (same-day delivery using traditional process servers will set you back $125).

Because proof matters. With Certified Email ™, the evidence provided is consistent and verifiable. The proof reports include:

  • Delivery –irrefutable delivery record obtained via recipient email server handshaking.
  • Timestamps –email server confirmations at the exact time of email delivery, access, and content download.
  • Content authenticity –encryption and hash-based verification used to preserve and associate the content of the email and its attachments, safeguarding against corruption or tampering.
  • Admissibility –court-admissible proof of service reports as to your email’s fact, legal time of delivery and content authenticity.

Every business is unique and therefore requires a tailormade solution. Lexop’s Certified Email ™ is the only customizable digital messaging platform that caters to your industry’s specific needs while meeting the legal requirements for electronic delivery in 95% of North American jurisdictions

It is the simplest, safest, fastest, and most cost-effective delivery method for all your important documents!


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