Clio Integration

Clio is one of the most widely used practice management tools, helping legal professionals around the world streamline their day-to-day operations.

But a single product can’t possibly do everything.

Recognizing this, Clio provides for easy third-party integration with other useful legal tech products, thereby widening its ever-growing range of functionality.

Such integrations empower both Clio and its partners to further meet the needs of today’s law firms.

That’s why our Lexop-Clio integration is a match made in legal tech heaven for Clio users seeking to simplify the way they serve, share, and collect documents.


Lexop: All-In-One Document Exchange Software

Lexop helps law firms save valuable time and reduce the administrative burden by digitizing a dominant aspect of their day-to-day operations: document delivery.

Whether you’re looking to serve, share, or collect documents, Lexop is the ultimate resource for handling all legally-sensitive emails – with one intuitive platform.

Lexop makes it easy for you to:

  • Serve documents electronically and know instantly when your recipients have received and opened your emails – and get a proof report to back it up.
  • Share large files securely to any email address without worrying about size restrictions and inbox-clogging.
  • Request and collect specific documents without forcing your clients to go through complex portals or data rooms.
  • Obtain anyone’s consent to any request, demand, or contract with the click of a button.

While Clio offers many useful features, it is not designed to help you accomplish any of those tasks.

That’s why you need a separate solution to manage your document delivery efficiently, without breaking your existing workflows.


Achieve More With The Lexop-Clio Integration

Lexop is a game-changer when it comes to service of documents – a process that hasn’t seen much improvement in decades.

At a time when law and technology afford us better alternatives, traditional delivery methods such as process servers, registered mail, fax, and couriers simply do not scale. They’re expensive, time-consuming, and a hell of a hassle.

And it doesn’t stop there: when it comes to sharing and collecting sensitive and/or voluminous documents, lawyers often rely on regular email.

However, regular email providers are often not equipped to meet the size and security demands of legal communications.

That’s why we created Lexop.

It’s basically an improved email solution with extra features, that offers reliable tracking and legally valid proof of delivery for every email.

You can think of it as a Gmail for the legal profession, designed specifically for lawyers and the types of communications they send.

But here’s where it gets even better for Clio users: with our new Clio integration, you’ll also be able to access your Clio contacts, matters, and documents right from your Lexop account, and use them in your communications.

In short, Clio handles all of the matter and document management, while Lexop takes care of all the transmissions, tracking, and delivery compliance, enabling you to:

  • Sync your contacts from your Clio account;
  • Automatically fill in matter information;
  • Select files from your matters and serve them directly via Lexop.


“Lexop makes serving discovery responses, settlement packages and attachments such as audio and video records a snap. No longer do we have to burn and mail cd’s or get the frustrating email response “file too large to send”.  Also, Lexop provides easy proof of service from sent, opened to downloaded.  Lastly, Lexop has easy billing by casename linked to Clio matters so it’s easy to assign the expense to client file.”

– Nichole M. Nech, Attorney & Founder at The Nech Law Firm (Clio user)


How does the integration work?

Lexop and Clio use similar database structures, based around contacts (i.e. your clients) and matters (i.e. their cases).

As a result, they interact very well with each other.

A contact or matter in Clio can easily be converted into a corresponding record in Lexop by importing all of its information.

This process takes only a few seconds to complete, and, once it’s done, the two contacts or matters are forever associated, allowing for seamless updating in the future.


Give it a try – it’s on us!

Not a fan of lengthy sign-up processes? Neither are we.

You can sign up to Lexop in one quick step by using our Clio shortcut. Simply go to our sign-up page, and click on “Sign up with CLIO”.

All you’ll have to do from there is authenticate yourself with your Clio login credentials, and Lexop will fetch the infos needed to create your account.

Once this is done, you’ll be able to start using the platform. And did we mention the first 30 days are on us?

That’s right: we’re so confident that Lexop will have a positive impact on your practice that we’re giving you a 30-day free trial upon sign-up.

You’ll enjoy unlimited access to all features, and we won’t ask you for a credit card. If you were to integrate Lexop for the long term, you’ll benefit from a 20% LIFETIME rebate.

Note: If you prefer to sign up normally, or through our Google or LinkedIn integrations, you’ll still be able to connect your Clio account at any time, from your Lexop account settings page.


“By far, my favorite aspect of Lexop is the Proof Report. In fact, I went searching for a product that would put an end to opposing counsel and opposing parties claiming that they never received my email. That is how I found Lexop. I also like that by using Lexop I can avoid taking up valuable space in my email storage quota, and I am sure that recipients appreciate not having to deal with large incoming email attachments which slow down email delivery in general.”

– Athar A. Khan, Attorney & Founder at Law Offices of Athar A. Khan (Clio user)


Need more information?

If you would like to learn more about Lexop’s Clio integration and how it can help your practice, don’t hesitate to talk with one of us now.


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